X-COM Complete Pack PC Steam

This bundle includes the following:

  • UFO: Enemy Unknown (a.k.

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This bundle includes the following:

  • UFO: Enemy Unknown (a.k.a X-COM: UFO Defense)
  • X-COM: Terror from the Deep
  • X-COM: Apocalypse
  • X-COM: Interceptor
  • X-COM: Enforcer

X-COM: UFO Defense: You are in control of X-COM: an organization formed by the world’s governments to fight the ever-increasing alien menace.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep: The war continues… X-COM: UFO Defense brought you to a galactic battlefield. X-COM: Terror from the Deep brings the alien terror into a totally new dimension.Seeking to take advantage of a weakened Earth, X-COM’s deep space foes unexpectedly change strategy and launch a powerful second front against planet Earth.

X-COM: Apocalypse: There’s something evil in the city tonight… Earth has been ravaged by human excess, petty conflict and alien invasion. The world’s population has been herded into huge cities, the first of which was Mega Primus. 2084: A Utopia shattered, social collapse and civil unrest reigns in Mega Primus. Fiendish aliens terrorize the city.

X-COM: Interceptor: They’re back…only this time the heinous aliens are out to destroy Earth and rule the new frontier. As X-COM commander, it’s your sole duty to protect humanity and the prized mining operations in outer space.

X-COM: Enforcer: X-COM: Earth’s top-secret eXtraterrestrial COMbat unit The Place: America – early 21st century The Mission: Eradicate the extraterrestrials Alien forces have invaded Earth and are terrorizing the population.



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