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Why you should buy Victoria 3:

  • You’re a fan of grand strategy games,
  • You cherish titles that give you countless possibilities,
  • You’re a natural-born leader!

Victoria is a series of grand strategy games created by Paradox Entertainment that is the spiritual successor to the popular Europa Universalis franchise. Its first installment, entitled Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun, premiered in 2003. It was followed by Victoria II, released in 2010. Players had to wait much longer to see the third game, which makes Victoria 3 arguably the most anticipated Paradox Development Studio game. Victoria 3 was finally released on October 25, 2022.

Victoria 3

The game lets us lead one of the dozens of nations. Your mission starts in 1836 and ends a hundred years later, in 1936. Every population has its unique needs and desires. Take care of your country’s economy and taxes to secure essential goods and balance employment. Decide whether your country will be an industrial power or focus on agriculture.

Govern and reform

Moreover, it’s only up to you what kind of leader you will be. You can either choose the way of peaceful coexistence or walk the path of conquest, striking fear into your neighbors’ hearts. You’ll also use your diplomatic skills to conduct foreign policy to secure your position. However, you have to forge alliances and rivalries carefully. Otherwise, you can get lost in the web of global dependencies and connections. 

In a hundred-year span, things will change, so you can adapt your government and society. Instead of introducing reforms, you can try to petrify the status quo. The possibilities are endless!

Key features – Victoria 3:

  • Over 100 countries to choose from,
  • Reliably simulated societies,
  • A complex economic system,
  • Vast diplomatic options.



Platform Steam
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