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Before you is a toy called “Timeflow – Time and Money Simulator”, which the developer Roman Makhmutov himself is positioning as an economic simulator with a touch of life simulation and time management training … And the first thing I would like to mention the most interesting point. The fact is that, as such, this game has no plot, and moreover, you will create this very plot personally. And this is done in just ten clicks – at the very beginning of the game you will create a character, choose his goals and determine his priorities, which in turn will affect the plot as such. Initially, you will be offered a choice of several characters (you cannot create your own yet), and everything will depend on your choice if you decide to download Timeflow – Time and Money Simulator for free and start the game … So, you need to choose a character carefully and carefully. The fact is that each character has its own characteristics, its own starting capital, its own biography. After a character has been chosen, you will have to choose a goal for it – the goal may be to buy an island, become a superstar, purchase an apartment in the capital or even cryogenic sleep, after which the main character can wake up in the future. Chose a goal? Then go ahead! Game Timeflow – Time and Money Simulator torrent free in English Well, after that everything depends first of all on your decisions and actions, and secondly, on the character’s biography. One can be employed, and the other can be dismissed – financial growth, savings, free time and many characteristics depend on it. Well, then it's time to act. You will have to constantly monitor the reports, determine the character's needs, make important decisions related to the work or the social life of the hero, and do much more. The way you go depends on your choice. In the end, you can follow the path of an investor, become a shareholder of many companies, an architect, a businessman or someone else. Game features: A dozen characters to choose from, and each with its own needs and goals, a unique character, biography, past and habits. You need to choose responsibly and carefully, because the choice will depend on your entire game as a whole; A huge number of ways – you can become an investor, a businessman or an ordinary lawyer, learn from a narrowly focused specialist, invest all your money and lose it, or increase capital, play the market and generally do whatever you want Detailed time management simulation – you will have to learn how to properly manage your time and set priorities, which in turn will affect your success; You will have a huge world full of events, unpredictable meetings, educational institutions, business centers, and everything else; There are no restrictions – do whatever you see fit, relax, spend money on trips to the islands, work on weekends and nights, or work on the host at all



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