The Case of the Golden Idol – Golden Idol Mysteries: The Spider of Lanka DLC PC Steam

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Three brand new scenarios

The Spider of Lanka, a five-decade story of treachery, greed, ambition, and death, begins in 1741, one year before the first scenario in The Case of the Golden Idol. This DLC includes three all-new scenarios that will require the uttermost of your reasoning skills to solve and are set in the mythical Kingdom of Lanka. On your journey to Lanka, run into both familiar and unfamiliar personalities. The Spider of Lanka, who manipulates events to shape the future, is hidden among these faces.

About the base game:

Color Gray games studio comes with its first title The Case of the Golden Idol let us put ourselves in the role of a detective from the 18th century and solve the case of 12 odd deaths that occurred over a 40-year period and may have or not some connection. With the unique use of drag-and-drop mechanics, latvian developers made a fantastic job of creating an absolute masterpiece that is reminiscent of the game Return Of The Obra Dinn by Lucas Pope.



Platform Steam
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