Hello Engineer: Scrap Machines Constructor PC Steam

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Construct strange vehicles and run away from a mysterious amusement park

Find yourself trapped within the enigmatic amusement park of your eerie Neighbor? Unleash your imagination and construct unconventional vehicles and combat devices to unveil his sinister secrets and secure your escape.

Hello Engineer presents a multiplayer machinery-construction experience within the realm of the Hello Neighbor universe, accommodating up to 4 players! Navigate the peculiar world of a mysterious amusement park by scavenging, crafting, and surmounting challenges. Assemble remarkable machines from discarded materials, and take on your eerie Neighbor and his malevolent bots. Whether it’s rolling, flying, or bouncing, any contraption that accomplishes the task is a triumphant creation!

Demonstrate the prowess of these local Inventors in spectacular machine-on-machine battles. It’s time to establish your dominance in a dazzling clash of engineering brilliance!



Platform Steam
Edition Standard

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