Halo Infinite – (Campaign) DLC EU XBOX One / Xbox Series X|S / Windows 10/11

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Halo Infinite: Campaign features:

  • The broadest campaign in the Halo series,
  • Semi-open world,
  • Cross-play (PC and Xbox),
  • Co-op mode.

The Halo series

Halo Infinite is the sixth installment of the renowned game’s series of first-player shooters created by 343 Industries. The campaign continues the events shown in Halo 5: Guardians. Once again, you may become the fabled Master Chief. This time, this legendary champion has to face the Banished in the deepest adventure in the Halo franchise.

Story-driven mode

Master Chief has the fate of humankind in his hands. Battle the fiercest foe while exploring the wrecked Installation 07, often known as Zeta Halo, throughout the most complex campaign in Halo history. Explore a variety of locations, from the stunning highlands to the inner reaches of the ring where the formidable Banished prowl. You may make good use of advanced weaponry, cutting-edge tools, and vehicles that let you explore this semi-open world. You may retry already completed missions, so don’t worry if you miss some treasures. It’s also a terrific opportunity to relive the campaign’s most memorable scenes.

Share the experience

You don’t have to play the story-driven mode by yourself because of the campaign co-op that supports up to 4 players. Moreover, the cross-play allows players using PC and Xbox consoles to play together.



Platform Xbox
Edition Standard

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