Task Force 1942: Surface Naval Action in the South Pacific Steam

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Surface Naval action in the south pacific

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Surface Naval action in the south pacific. A Long Lance torpedo rips through the hull of your flagship. Huge columns of water from enemy gunfire surround your battleships. It's just another day in Task Force 1942, the first in a new series of spectacular World War II Pacific War simulations from MicroProse.This is your chance to command a fleet of destroyers, cruisers and battleships against aggressive enemy forces in the South Pacific. No detail has been overlooked in this painstakingly researched simulation. Your daily routine will include firing torpedoes into enemy vessels. Issuing commands to ships and convoys. And confronting enemy ships head-on in explosive night battles.Plus, to really boost your confidence, you'll experience frightening torpedo wakes and blinding explosions so realistic you'll need to change uniforms every time you play. Task Force 1942 from MicroProse. It's the only way to experience the thrills… and risks… of surface naval combat in World War II.