Figment – Soundtrack DLC Steam

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The full original soundtrack for Figment:


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The full original soundtrack for Figment:

1.Figment Theme
2.The Plague’s Song
3.Spider Queen’s Song
4.The Fear of Loss Part One
5.Piper’s Intermission
6.The Fear of Loss Part Two
7.Song From Figment
8.Cerebrum Cider Blues
9.Creative Thoughts
10.Ticking Clocks
12.Victory Call
13.The Sound of Disease
14.Puke Rats
15.Watch Out – Eight Legs
16.Creepy Crawlies
18.Composition Square
19.Train of Thoughts
20.The Symphonic Lobe
21.Dangerous Machinery
22.Planning Plateau
23.Its Raining Teeth
24.The Entourage
25.Riding the Snake
26.Birdhouse Party
27.Figment Theme Reprise