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Fate of kai is a unique and innovative experience in the puzzle genre

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Fate of kai is a unique and innovative experience in the puzzle genre. Discover Kai's story by walking through the beautiful panels of a magical hand-illustrated book. Explore each chapter like a maze, and modify the characters' ideas to move the plot forward in the correct direction. YOU DON'T CONTROL THE CHARACTERS, YOU CONTROL THEIR THOUGHTS Every time a character thinks of something, it will be a great opportunity to change the course of the narrative. The thoughts that you will find in this adventure will be your best ally when it comes to overcoming the obstacles that the magical book hides between its pages. BEAUTIFUL HAND-DRAWN PANELS Enjoy detailed and colorful illustrations on more than 700 panels as you help Kai overcome obstacles that separate him from the castle. THEY SAY A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS Dive into Kai's fantastic adventure and his way through this amazing world. Carefully interpret each of the more than 160 pages of content, which visually tell a unique story. CHALLENGING AND REWARDING PUZZLES The game was carefully designed with elegance to give you a memorable experience.With a natural learning curve and no tutorials, each puzzle will prepare you for the next challenges that await you in this incredible adventure. Can you carry the weight? (SOURCE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1426480/Fate_of_Kai/)