College Kings 2 – Episode 2 ‘The Pool Party’ DLC Steam (Digital nedlasting)

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Continue your adventure at San Vallejo College in Episode 2 of College Kings 2

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Continue your adventure at San Vallejo College in Episode 2 of College Kings 2. Find out what is next as big changes come to San Vallejo College that have the frats and sororities on edge. In an attempt to raise money to improve student life, the gang organises an epic pool party blowout, bikinis and sunscreen massages.

Lauren has a different idea for improving student life and trying something new: lingerie. When the others find out, they decide to bring her designs to life. Finally, Penelope is trying to figure out how she can use her computer engineering powers for good, so she starts experimenting. How do you make the world a better place through tech? With an adult visual novel, of course.

About the base game:

A new era begins! With award-winning writers, a vast, branching narrative and stunning visuals, College Kings 2 pushes the boundaries of adult visual novels. Play as a freshman in California and explore the social dynamics of college through countless choices. Meet a cast of stunning girls each with a unique personality, build authentic connections, live out your sexual fantasies and ultimately, fall in love. Pick up where you left off from the first game or start fresh without missing a beat through the choice-driven recap mechanic. With an extensive range of unique mechanics including a complex turn-based fight system, College Kings 2 constantly redefines what it means to be a visual novel.