Angry Bunny 3: Virus Steam (Digital nedlasting)

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Third part of Angry Bunny platformer series with lot of new features, like boss fights

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Third part of Angry Bunny platformer series with lot of new features, like boss fights. Evil Green Ghost Virus and his army has locked bunnies way to home, so all bunnies are trapped to outside worlds. Player character angry bunny is only hope. Only mission is to find magic crystal which can destroy huge virus egg between bunnies home and virus world. Bunny mission is find magic crystal which is locked with chains. Only with hidden key it can be opened. With help of magic crystal viruses can be defeated. Collect magic balls and beat different enemies and solve minor puzzles. Some levels contains big green ghost virus boss which need to be shot through tentacles several times and some levels there are mysterious immortal purple worm which chase player but can’t be killed
Also added underwater swimming mechanics. Bunny can swim underwater but spending too long under water may cause run out of oxygen and cause death

  • Underground bomb enemies
  • Following bomb enemies
  • Spike traps
  • Jellyfishes
  • Big and difficult Virus bosses
  • Mine traps
  • Following immortal ghosts which disappears after certain time
  • Following immortal worms
  • Swimming mechanics
  • Steam Achievements
  • 28 levels
  • Keys, Magic Crystals and other collectable items like swimming goggles
  • Checkpoints
  • Moving platforms
  • Collect magic balls which can shoot towards enemies
  • Levers
  • NPC Bunnies which give player advices
  • Menu level is open world map where can choose world to play